street racing has been around for a longtime-- The sport of illegal street racing originated after World War II, when G.I.'s who had worked on plane and Jeep engines came home and started working on their own cars. Street racing grew over time into the underground giant it is now. Street racing in general is usually held on a secluded stretch of roadway. Depending on the size of the road, races can range from two to four cars, each trying to get from the start to a finish line. The most common length for a race is a quarter mile, or 1320 feet. These drags are the backbone to street racing, but there is also another style that is common in the area. In this race format there is a destination racers must get to, which could be anywhere in relation to the starting point. There is one other style of street racing, popular in Japan that has been slowly growing in the streets of America. Drifting, the newest craze here, is less about getting from point A to point B the fastest and more about who can drive with the most style. The object of drifting is to maintain control over the uncontrollable. One must whip the tail end of the car out while driving around corners, or in designated areas.